Demonstration Projects 2017

The Housing Forum Demonstration Project method monitors and profiles the progress of our members most innovative and high quality development solutions in housing construction.


For 2017, East Thames, Newlon Housing Trust and Southern Housing Group have collaborated with The Housing Forum to display their latest and most significant developments as part of the Demonstration Project programme.


This wave of six Demonstration Projects have been curated in conjunction with The Housing Forum member, Rydon. The projects have been prepared by a member of Rydon's Business Development team, Christian Tracey, as part of The Housing Forum Member Secondee Programme. 


The Housing Forum have covered schemes spanning from London and the South East to the Isle of Wight, featuring small sustainability-centric developments to large-scale, multi-phased estate and community regenerations.


To view a Demonstration Project, please click on the relevant member logo below and click on the desired development.


All Demonstration Projects are available in a printable PDF format.


East Thames


East Thames is one of the largest providers of affordable housing in east London and Essex. We own and manage almost 15,000 homes.







Newlon Housing Trust


Newlon owns or manages around 8,000 affordable homes, primarily in eight boroughs in north and east London, with many more in development. 










Southern Housing Group


Southern Housing Group is among the largest and oldest housing associations in the UK, managing 28,000 homes for over 66,000 residents in London and the south east of England.