Outcomes from 8 March Thought Leadership Seminar in Brighton

20 March 2017
Outcomes from 8 March Thought Leadership Seminar in Brighton






Four industry leaders joined The Housing Forum members and Willmott Partnership Homes to exchange views on the Housing White Paper “Fixing our broken housing market “ at the Thought Leadership Seminar in Brighton on 8 March 2017.


The White Paper encourages mixed tenure solutions through a very broad range of measures and takes a strategic direction, however, the industry will need to find practical solutions that work and deal with complex bidding structures.


In London, targeting high growth areas for planning support could see more homes delivered. Place based solutions are promoted by the White Paper and overcoming nimby-ism could be helped by applying some of the techniques of engagement used in regeneration to new build. There are now a range of examples of local authority development companies with commercial partners that can both build more homes and generate long term revenue.


Contributors were James Clark, GLA, Richard Jones, Arcadis, Charlie Scherer, Willmott Partnership Homes and Andy von Bradsky, Chairman, The Housing Forum.


You can find the presentations from the seminar here


The next opportunity to discuss the White Paper and Build to rent consultation with The Housing Forum is on 7 April at our Consultation meeting.