My work experience at The Housing Forum

05 September 2017
My work experience at The Housing Forum







I started my time with The Housing Forum with little to no knowledge in the industry. However coming in I quickly learnt a lot about The Housing Forum and their unique position in the market.



Through conversations with team members and by reading the report “Future proofing housing supply” I gained knowledge about solutions to boost housing supply and now at the end of the week I feel confident with many of the concepts.



I also acquired a variety of skills not traditionally taught in a school environment such as editing the website, uploading documents and news items. I have also participated in sorting and resizing images for the new Housing Forum Members’ Image Gallery for the website. By participating in the team meeting I’ve learnt the importance of everyone working methodically to help stay ahead of plans.


I would like to thank Shelagh and the rest of the team for my time here, and I hope to be back soon.