Working together to prevent building failures

04 October 2017
Working together to prevent building failures









A cross-sector group of experienced industry specialists from The Housing Forum’s wide membership are to consider the whole construction cycle, from inception to in-use and to make recommendations to reduce significantly the risk of failure. 

Most residential construction projects in the UK are completed to a good - many to an excellent - standard. However, there are still too many buildings that fail to deliver what was intended.  When this happens the reputation of residential design and construction is damaged.  And in the case of the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower the impact goes far beyond reputation.

The group will work on three areas:

  • The project brief and design – led by Nigel Ostime, Hawkins Brown
  • The procurement and contractual arrangements in the construction period - led by Andy Tookey, Baily Garner
  • Handover and Management – led by Michael Cleaver, The Housing Forum

Recommendations will be focussed on improving working practice across the supply chain rather than on regulation and standards

We aim to report findings in the early New Year.