The Housing Forum...and why you need to be part of us...

01 January 2015
The Housing Forum...and why you need to be part of us...

Shelagh Grant is Chief Executive of The Housing Forum


The scale of the housing shortage in Britain today dwarfs the capacity of housing organisations to build at scale on their own.


The Housing Forum was set up in different times to bring all parts of the housing industry together and to drive up standards and outputs through innovation, ensuring quality was central to the process of housebuilding and renovation.


This is best delivered through collaboration, and learning from the best in class has been our by-word.


The launch now of our new web site takes that tradition into a new era and sets out graphically and in the words of experts in all fields of housing construction how the very best can be achieved and maintained.


Our outputs are to Influence- to Inform - and to Network for the best outcomes.


Interest in The Housing Forum is growing - with local councils and financial and insurance companies becoming part of our organisation.


The web site will be our tool for all of these activities building on all of our strengths.


We look forward to working with you in 2015 for more homes and better homes.  


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