Next Steps in Retirement Living Reference Group

25 February 2018
Next Steps in Retirement Living Reference Group


In July 2017, The Housing Forum in conjunction with Ian Williams Ltd organised a round table discussion on Housing for Older People. There was a general agreement that substantial new thinking was needed to ensure housing products and services are informed by understanding of the needs of the customer.


This required better knowledge of the needs of the target group. This is often designated as over 55, but in reality, for the type of homes currently provided for older people, decisions are made at an average age of 78 and most commonly in a time of crisis.


The group agreed there was a requirement for a range of age-appropriate choices, for local plans to encourage better provision and for a better understanding of how the business model can work.


At some point in most people’s lives the desire to live independently in homes and neighbourhoods designed for those with minimum needs meets the reality of conditions related to ageing.  Ranging from isolation and loneliness to physical infirmity and dementia, the housing and support needs change.  Responding to the spectrum of these changes as well as their progression over time is the challenge for society and particularly policy makers, planners, housing and care providers.


Following this The Housing Forum agreed to continue the group to provide an opportunity to explore new ideas and contribute to the debate.


The summary of the first meeting held on 20 December 2017 are available here



*Image: UK-first retirement scheme village in Newcastle. (c) Wates Residential