Resource pack from the Development Partnership Forum for the North

15 March 2018



60 leaders of housing and regeneration attended the inaugural Development Partnership Forum for the North.


Development Partnership Forums bring central and local government and industry together to share best practice and support new entrants into housing development. These Forums are a highly relevant initiative as government looks to accelerate and increase house building and address issues of quality.


This Forum covered the final report on Local Authority Direct Provision of Housing, Northwest and West Yorkshire Housing Initiatives, an update on Site Practice and Housing Delivery Partnerships.


The Resource Pack includes a summary of February’s meeting in terms of: outcomes, content, with links to presentations and relevant publications, all which is also be available on The Housing Forum’s website.


Key outcomes of the meeting are:

  • Partnerships and learning from one another will be key for the sector to rise to the challenge of increasing the supply of new homes. In particular local authorities wanting to establish Local Housing Companies should learn from others who have set them up and are operating them.


  • Procurement practice using better specification and collaboration can improve quality and reduce building failures


  • Identifying the objectives shared between different partners will strengthen the business case and shape the structure of any development partnerships.