Regional Forum for Kent and the South East

23 March 2018
Regional Forum Kent February 2018



Ashford welcomes 60 delegates for February’s Regional Forum


Tracey Kerly, Chief Executive, Ashford Borough Council opened the February Forum and welcomed over 60 delegates from across the housing and construction sector.


Ashford’s housing offer has increased substantially in recent years and the council has played a vital role in the improvement of infrastructure and place which has helped this success.


The Forum also heard more from Professor Janice Morphet about latest findings in local authority direct house building and Andy Tookey, Baily Garner outlined the emerging findings of The Housing Forum’s work on Stopping Building Failures –the importance of the brief and the prominence of quality considerations over lowest price.


The Housing Forum would like to exend thanks to Kent Housing Group, Brian Horton and all the panellists involved in the Forum.