Resource Pack: Development Partnership Forum for Housing Supply & Estate Regeneration

29 June 2018




Wider diversity of housing supply is critical as housing continues to be a major political and social issue. Our Development Partnership Forum in June had a major focus on Estate Regeneration and developing additional homes and for those setting up new housing companies.



The Development Partnership Forum is an initiative from The Housing Forum to bring government and industry together to share best practice and support new entrants into housing development. It is a highly relevant initiative as government signals a range of measures to accelerate and increase house building.



This Forum covered different initiatives to stimulate housing supply in different areas of the country and featured approaches, programme resourcing and capacity testing Estate Regeneration and developing a range of additional new homes.



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Key Outcomes


  • Councils undertaking estate regeneration and housing delivery can manage a complex financial model and project management by applying the right skills and governance structures. An audit of the skills available should be undertaken early on, recognising that gaps can be filled in a team by a combination of recruitment and training. The Board also needs to have the right skills. Each project should be set up to take full account of the circumstances of the local authority.


  • Estate regeneration is a long-term undertaking that must require that clear objectives are understood and supported by residents, the wider community, all councillors and senior executives in a local authority. This requires a careful process of consultation and engagement based on good evidence and realistic offers.


  • Commercial development requires a different culture and approach to finance from local authority funding mechanisms. The right skills from specialist consultants can help to build and/or provide this.


  • The GLA’s new ‘Building Council Homes for Londoners’ programme is designed to offer  a range of support and more flexible finance arrangements for each council that takes account of its skills and needs.


Topics & Speakers:


  • Planning Reforms and Design Quality initiatives - Update

- Andy von Bradsky, Architectural Advisor, MHCLG and Chairman, The Housing Forum


  • Building Council Homes for Londoners

- Rachael Hickman, Senior Area Manager – North East London, GLA


  • Local Space – a different kind of Housing Association

- Jitinder Takhar, Chief Executive, Local Space Ltd


  • A Development Company for Stoke-on-Trent

- Simon Thompson, Assistant Director, Private Sector Housing Development and Regeneration, Stoke-on-Trent City Council


  • Challenges and approaches to establishing and running an estate regeneration programme in partnership with a local authority

- Caroline Pillay, Development Director, Airey Miller

- Daniel Partridge, Director of Regeneration & Partnerships, PRD

- Delia Beddis, Partner, Newbridge Advisors LLP

- Julian Hart, Lancefield Consulting Ltd


  • Enabling Estate Regeneration - based on the  best practice guide 'Thinking Ahead'

- Virginia Blackman, Director, GVA

- John Lumley, Director – Regeneration, Neighbourhoods & Housing, Hackney

- Barry McCullough, Director, Levitt Bernstein

- Glyn Tully, Associate Director, Levitt Bernstein