Video: Shelagh Grant Discusses FAC-1 Framework Alliance Contract with Professor David Mosey

22 March 2019


Major construction and engineering projects the world over face the challenge of bringing multiple consultants, contractors and specialists together to integrate their work, services and supplies.


There are great opportunities not only to reduce disputes but also to improve economic and social value through new contract relationships that integrate team members and that embed learning from one project to another.


In response to these challenges, experts in the Centre of Construction Law and Dispute Resolution at King’s College London consulted with over 120 organisations and developed the FAC-1 Framework Alliance Contract, the first multi-party contract of its kind in the field of construction.


Shelagh Grant, Chief Executive of The Housing Forum points to the potential benefits of the FAC-1, saying:


'At The Housing Forum we have always advocated sharing best practice and collaborating for best results. A standardised approach that brings multiple parties and projects together is going to underscore that opportunity to share that best practice.


'I think it's essential before you move to a form of contract that you test out what works well in a real-time situation; and it's fantastic that the trial projects included the London Boroughs of Hackney and Haringey.


'I've no doubt that in those particular projects that you would encounter many of the issues that occur in contracts, so it's a very good way to test it. So before you move to the FAC-1 contact it in its form, you know it has been robustly road tested.'


This is the first in a video series produced by The Centre of Construction Law, in which Professor David Mosey will be looking at the impact this new legal framework has had across the construction sector.


Find out more about the Centre of Construction Law and FAC-1 here: