Capacity Building for Local Council Housebuilders

17 July 2019



The Housing Forum’s key purpose is to encourage partnerships, increase supply and encourage quality outcomes in housing development.


Building influence with national and local government using our collaborative expertise is a major aim in our strategic plan. To support this, we have set up a new work stream aimed at local councils who have ambition to build homes.


Member organisations including Baily Garner, Ark, Trowers & Hamlins and NHBC contributed to our first pilot practitioner panel to share expertise and answer questions on approaches to MMC, viability, procurement and quality at a meeting of 25 local council development managers held with Stoke on Trent Council in July.


Stoke on Trent City Council gave an opening presentation highlighting their wide range of approaches to housing development. This has included building homes either directly, in partnership with private developers or acting as an enabler to deliver homes for people at all stages of their lives – including regenerating areas of the city.


Those attending came from Cheshire, Staffordshire, Midlands, Worcestershire and Shropshire areas. Plans are underway to run a further panel for local councils in Southampton in October with more to be planned for 2020.


The Housing Forum is a national network of organisations involved in the commissioning, design and building of affordable homes.


We welcome the opportunities for local councils to become direct providers of new homes and as an organisation, we have a steadfast commitment to collaboration and sharing of best practice.


Attendees said:


‘Great insight into construction priorities and a prognosis on possible structural changes to the construction industry in the next 10 years.’