Review: Members Morning

19 January 2020

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The Housing Forum Members Morning - A review of what’s being delivered and the vision for the future


At our annual 2019 end of year member’s seminar, we launched the new vision for The Housing Forum - “A Quality Home for All”.


Chair, Stephen Teagle along with Deputy Chair, Jamie Ratcliff, took members through The Housing Forum’s Manifesto for Housing and how all members can support and benefit from these initiatives.


Chief Executive, Shelagh Grant, also reprised 2019 activities which have, amongst other things, seen a significant increase in events both existing and new.


Continuing on the theme of quality, an excellent presentation followed from Chartered Quality Institute, Chief Executive, Vince Desmond. This was well received by members and by popular request, we plan to hear more from Vince at our National Conference on Wednesday 6 May.  Check out why Vince said ‘The way you contract for quality is really important’!


Read the full report from Members Morning here



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