The Housing Forum's Working Groups 2016 - launching January 2016

05 January 2016
The Housing Forum's Working Groups 2016 - launching January 2016


The Housing Forum has a national reputation for advancing new solutions to increase both the quality and quantity of both new and existing homes. Working groups are our most important function, shaping policy proposals with a cross sector collaborative approach. For 2016, we are building on our success and plan 3 working groups to give access to the latest and emerging thinking and the new political agenda for housing. We will disseminate and  publish topical outcomes and opinions to improve knowledge and practice in house building and stock investment.

Membership of a working group is open to member organisations and perceived as a valuable benefit of membership and on the 5th January 2016, we will be writing to all Housing Forum member organisations to invite them to nominate a representative to take part in these important workstreams.

You can read more about our 2014-5 working groups and our industry reports and research from 2011-2015.


Below is the scope of the three 2016 working groups and appointed Chairs that have been drawn from the expertise in our cross-sector membership. To register your interest and for any further information on the working groups, please contact Laura Waind at


Building Homes - Building Better

Chair- Rory Bergin, Partner, Sustainable Futures, HTA Design

First meeting: 11th February 2016

Starting point -concern in the industry about falling build quality and skills shortages  already which may get worse as building numbers increase.

Initial questions that The Housing Forum wants to answer:


- How do we judge 'quality' – what is the bench mark?
- How is quality maintained whilst increasing supply and reducing cost?

- Is there a concern about starter homes - with 20% discount could they be compromised in terms of building quality?
- How does a  commercial house builder approach the delivery of quality and what can we learn from this
- How can off site manufacture grow its market share?
- How can we achieve a consistent application of national housing standards?

- What consumer information helps promotion of quality? Home Performance Labelling, Building for Life?
- How will skills shortages be addressed?


New Solutions To Housing Supply

Chair- Stephen Teagle, Divisional Managing Director, Affordable Housing and Regeneration, Galliford Try

First meeting: 21st January 2016


Starting point - theme chosen to quickly identify  which solutions  are likely to succeed in boosting the supply of affordable homes either to rent or buy.

Initial questions that The Housing Forum wants to answer:


- Who will build the new starter homes and shared ownership homes and what issues need to be addressed?
- How can we achieve 1 million new homes in this Parliament ?
- What are the opportunities/ barriers to a greater diversity of supply?
- How can we increase  the range of housing delivery?
- Why we should use urban extensions to accommodate growing housing numbers What more should builders, housing associations, developers, investors do?
- What is affordable in housing?

Making The Best Of Existing Housing

Chair-  Dick Mortimer, Director of Property Services, Family Mosaic

First meeting: 5th February 2016

Starting point- theme chosen to advise housing providers and their supply chain on how to increase the value of their existing housing asset base as a way of future proofing their business so they can provide cost effective repairs and reinvestment decisions.

Initial questions that The  Housing Forum wants to answer:

- Which organisational practices and approaches lead to performance  efficiency in housing asset management ?
- How do housing providers get the best partnerships with the commercial sector?
- How does the rented sector position itself for long term beneficial working with contractors?
- Which are the successful  approaches to supply  chain management, planning/design implications for managing stock, district heating systems and other major services?
- How to approach the regeneration of low density estates  provide more home and  improve the asset base ?
- How does the rented sector position itself for long term beneficial working with contractors?