New housing supply and estate regeneration initiatives - Leeds CEO Forum, Polypipe

23 March 2016
New housing supply and estate regeneration initiatives - Leeds CEO Forum, Polypipe

Polypipe hosted a CEO Forum in Leeds in March to discuss new housing supply and estate regeneration initiatives, with a particular focus on the Leeds city region.


The conclusions of The Housing Forum are:

  • Housing associations see building – and doubling development profit from sales – as a way of overcoming revenue losses from rent reductions
  • New partnership methods offering options of 5, 10, 15 or 20 year maintenance free services can offer social landlords certainty over future repair bills
  • Innovation, installing  higher value products with a higher than standard life cycle and non-traditional plug and play methods in both heating and electrical installations can offer long term savings
  • Social landlords are taking a very different approach to maintenance services to tenants – and do want to build and contribute to the emergence of the northern powerhouse
  • Land values are not fully understood - there are areas of the north where there is market failure and which will need gap funding for construction; yet there is inflationary competition for prime city centre sites, and in other cases land holders are reluctant to release sites for house building until they achieve a higher value
  • Highlight the consequences of unfulfilled planning applications – and the impact on the market and on timely school building and other services
  • Local economic players including councils and HCA and other public sector organisations need to build vehicles that help generate returns and keep a long term stake for local institutions. Many homes with planning permission in the city region are not being built out. The public sector should be more strategic and sell land to organisations who will start to build
  • Combined working by local councils and local housing companies can offer a more flexible approach to building, as they can vary the amount of profit taken and operate counter cyclically
  • Looking at the Leeds City Region, there is a considerable need for quality market rent around the city region - this can work well when combined with estate regeneration as that regeneration needs an estate presence for long term stewardship
  • The L&G Homes model offers an alternative tenure mix with predominantly 80 percent rental and 20 percent owner occupation


Read the full output from the forum here.