The Housing Forum's response to the EU referendum result

27 June 2016
The Housing Forum's response to the EU referendum result



The Housing Forum has issued a response to the decision by referendum of the UK public for the UK to leave the European Union.


The Housing Forum is the only cross-sector, industry-wide membership network that represents the entire housing supply chain on behalf of the housing industry.


Andy von Bradsky, Chairman of The Housing Forum, said:


"The vote by the British people last week to leave the EU will create a period of political uncertainty in the short term, yet the housing industry is in robust shape, market incentives are continuing and the industry will maintain business as usual.


“The Government's commitment to increasing the supply of new homes has resulted in a pipeline of large scale projects with significant financial investment arrangements, reflecting the increased level of demand for new homes in recent years. The target to achieve one million homes by 2020 is a bold challenge and it is crucial that everything possible is done to maintain momentum towards that goal.


“More can be done to increase supply. For example, the Government should bring forward its current programmes as soon as possible and help stimulate the SME, custom build and off site manufacture sectors. As its leadership changes in the months ahead, it is a good time to debate how the supply of affordable housing and range of tenures can be increased even further.


“Standards in housing should continue to improve to ensure we deliver more and better homes. The Housing Forum will maintain its efforts and activities so that politicians continue to place housing at the top of their agenda.”



Download the press release here.