Health & Wellbeing in Homes event in Manchester

12 October 2016
Health & Wellbeing in Homes event in Manchester



On 10th October PRP, The Housing Forum, and UK-GBC hosted a successful and well-attended event on the topic ‘Health and Wellbeing in Homes’ in Manchester. Following the successful launch of UK-GBC’s “Health and Wellbeing in Homes” report earlier this year, this event provided an overview of the evidence linking design features in the home and neighbourhood to better health and wellbeing outcomes for residents.


Our guests were from a wide range of organisation types including housing providers, developers, service providers, special consultants, and local authorities.


Discussions surrounded common issues in homes such as thermal conditions (too hot or too cold), overcrowding, and air pollution. It was highlighted that building homes should not just be about energy efficiency, but more about designing places for people to live. The evidence provided emphasised that healthy homes will lead to healthier people and that 30 per cent of surveyed people are happy to pay more for a healthier home.


Another concept discussed was “smarter homes” and a few innovative examples were demonstrated with residents being able to connect to their homes remotely in order to check air pollution or expiry dates of the items in their fridge. 


The report seeks to inspire designers and developers and landlords of both new and refurbished homes to push for healthier homes and attempts to define what makes a healthy home and neighbourhood.


To read the full “Health and Wellbeing in Homes” report please click here.


To view the presentation used on the day please click here.

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