CEO Forum Lunch: The Housing Impacts of Brexit

17 October 2016
CEO Forum Lunch: The Housing Impacts of Brexit





CEOs of The Housing Forum member organisations met in London on 7th September 2016 to discuss the impact of Brexit on the housing sector in UK.


The conclusions of the Forum are:

  • There is a short term window of opportunity with advantageous land prices which can benefit housing associations with the ability to switch tenure
  • The dynamic that always drives the housing market is consumer confidence, and potential job losses following Brexit need to be understood at a micro level.
  • Some private house buyers have held off buying land recently which gives medium sized housing associations a competitive opportunity although larger housing associations who operate as developers may have to hold back on land purchase.
  • For major contractors there is an opportunity through more partnerships and joint ventures
  • Volumetric solutions can speed up delivery and could supply the majority of housing association’s needs.
  • Long term maintenance costs could be reduced with better customer management - in some cases 85% of responsive repairs budgets can be spent on 11% of the stock.


John Anderson, on behalf of hosts Kier Living, opened the discussion emphasising we are in a time of change, following the vote to leave the EU but the greatest uncertainty is when this change will have impact. Housing outputs are very positive, with the best summer house sales figures in recent years.

The UK is attractive to investors but the industry must be alert to change and take early action to mitigate any economic consequences.


Other speakers included Nigel Turner from Kier Group, Geeta Nanda from TVHA, Tony Stacey from syha, Shamez Alibhai from Cheyne Social Impact Fund, and David Mawson from Kier.


Read the full output from the session here.