The Housing Forum’s pilot Development Partnership Forum

25 October 2016
The Housing Forum’s pilot Development Partnership Forum





The Development Partnership Forum is a new initiative from The Housing Forum to bring government and industry together to share best practice and support new entrants into housing development.  It is a highly relevant initiative as government signals a range of measures to accelerate and increase house building.


Development Partnership Forums will be held on a quarterly basis in London and the core cities to give a platform for government, agencies and the industry to better understand emerging policy, the development life cycle, commercial and construction considerations. The Forums will always be topical, covering current issues.


The Key Outcomes from our first forum on 30th September:

  • Long-term commitment to building more homes provides certainty and continuity for the industry to develop solutions and invest. The emerging signs of flexibility towards more mixed tenure will help bring more homes to market.
  • To achieve its ambition of building a million new homes by 2020, the Government should understand the whole housing market, the roles of different players and the contribution each stakeholder can make. A policy environment, such as a wide range of tenures that allows each player to maximise their potential rather than compete with each other will produce additional supply.
  • Innovation (off-site or pre-manufacturing) is seen by the Government as a way to increase speed and quality and it has invited industry views on these approaches. Industry welcomes the opportunity to help the new government teams.
  • Quality must not be neglected in the rush to build more new homes. Clarity is needed on the interaction of national and local standards to develop good, efficient and sustainable designs.
  • Private finance is available as investors look for the stable, long-term income streams that rented housing provides. It takes time to build investor confidence and frequent policy changes undermine that hard-won confidence with the danger that investors will look to other sources of guaranteed income.




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