Mike Fairey

Director, Fusion Building Systems


Mike Fairey has been a Director of “Salvesen Insulated Frames Ltd” forMike Fairey the last 6 years since its acquisition. The business is more often know under its trading name of Fusion Building Systems.


Over this time Mike has restructured the business to optimise its excellent legacy to surpass both client and industry expectations and to firmly re-establish Fusion as a UK leader in Light Gauge Steel, Off Site Manufacturing. Over this time his experience within the construction industry in general has grown, as have the market sectors within which Fusion has secured projects. The legacy of the business was as part of an Irish Developer who catered for mass housing schemes in response to the demands of the Celtic Tiger. Subsequently Fusion has proved successful within Residential (high & low rise), Student Accommodation, Care Homes and Schools.  Mike is most pleased to be guiding Fusion speedily towards a return to  its roots as a volume house solution.


He has a passion for Off-Site Manufactured Products and continues to drive the use of Off-Site in general as a potentially significant part of a solution to our current issues. Recent meetings with Government representatives resulted in Mike being included in round table talks at Downing Street to represent the manufacturing sector.


Mike was delighted to see Fusion appointed in April as the Light Gauge Steel partner to Willmott Partnership Homes (formerly Willmott Dixon Housing) as part of their quest to build 1,000 homes using off-site manufactured products