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The Housing Forum responds to Starter Homes consultation

Date: 18/05/2016



Following direct feedback from member organisations, The Housing Forum has responded to the Government's technical consultation on Starter Homes regulations 


The Housing Forum exists to Influence, Network and Inform across the housebuilding supply chain, to help fulfil our objective of "More Homes, Better Homes".


Under our "Influencing" workstream, we work to appropriately represent the views and opinions of our cross-industry membership organisations to ...

New solutions to housing supply - CEO Forum hosted by NHBC - London

Date: 27/01/2016

The Housing Forum, in conjunction with NHBC, hosted a CEO Forum to discuss new approaches to meeting the Government's ambitious housing targets through greater supply, with speakers Stephen Teagle, John Knevett and Tina Barndard.

In his opening remarks, Stephen Teagle, Managing Director Affordable Housing and Regeneration at Galliford Try, commented that this country faces a serious and enduring supply deficit in housing. The Housing Forum has established a new working group on this central ...

Working with the Housing and Planning Bill 2015 - CEO Forum hosted by NHBC - London

Date: 22/12/2015

In his opening remarks, Ben Derbyshire, Chair, commented that given the scale of anticipated change, The Housing Forum with its cross sector approach, will be concentrating on solutions to housing supply that can be achieved through improved collaboration. 


Ian Davis, NHBC, indicated that recent initiatives have made it easier to build but beyond headlines, there may not be much more additional growth as industry output is now getting close to 200,000 starts a year...


For ...

Housing and The Government’s Spending Review 2015 - Hosted by Kier in London

Date: 16/12/2015

The CEO Forum, "Housing and the Government's Spending Review" was chaired by John Anderson, Kier Living.  


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Collaborating for value: CEO Forum hosted by Baily Garner in Birmingham

Date: 18/11/2015

The Forum was chaired by Tim Bush of Baily Garner, one of the leading interdisciplinary construction consultancy providers to the housing sector. The topic for this Forum was Collaborating for value: Reassessing Development Plans with 1% rent reductions, and focussed on the public rented sector; it is clear that there are regional differences with housing associations in the south identifying proposals to increase revenue through sales but such opportunities being very limited north of ...

The Housing and Planning Bill and Local Housing Markets

Date: 05/11/2015

CEO Forum on the Housing and Planning Bill and local housing markets, hosted by Wates Living Space.

Andy Doylend of Wates gave the opening position from the perspective of Wates Living Space (WLS) on maintenance and housing construction. The focus of HAs 18 months ago was on welfare reform issues and fuel poverty and their impact on rental income and financial plans. Now the context has moved with HAs focusing on their 30 year plans and viability.


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New Politics of Housing - CEO Forum - July 2015 Hosted by NHBC

Date: 30/07/2015


The Housing Forum met to consider the July 2015 budget and how the Government will approach their manifesto commitments for housing supply, home ownership, welfare, efficiency and devolution.


In his opening remarks, Stephen Teagle highlighted the impact of these policies of future housing supply. At the heart of this agenda are incentives to accelerate planning decisions and refocus on home ownership and devolved powers.  

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