National Conference: Shelagh Grant Looks Forward to Building the Future

21 May 2018



The central theme of our National Conference programme is connectivity – of people - of places - of ideas - of skills – and how in combination, we might shape future communities.


Housing projects are underway throughout the country and there is a growth trajectory with many more new communities planned. The combination of advances in technology, different techniques opening up possibilities of more land and advances in transport, particularly rail are bringing opportunities for the improved interconnection of locations.


We’ll cover this throughout the conference beginning with the Government programmes and interventions to diversify the housing supply and deliver on ambitious plans for growth and the good design that is essential to achieving integrated place making. And we’ll conclude with initiatives to increase the pace of housebuilding


Looking forward, it will be strategic interventions, as well as the housing market, that will impact on where and how we live. What HS2 will mean for housing and places, how connectivity might change the way we live in the towns and cities of the future and the way in which growing sectors, like build to rent will feature.


We will also be launching our brand new report “Stopping Building Failures” and discussing how we can “set our house in order” – beginning with a thorough brief, understanding value and value management and Design for Manufacture.


Rising to the skills shortage challenge, we’ll hear about the Place & Making Institute approach and how one company succeeds by prioritising training and retention using key corporate measures and about the right route to successful procurement.


Our afternoon walking tour will highlight the transformation of the 2012 Olympic site into an entirely new neighbourhood for East London and the mixed use regeneration nearby at Hackney Wick. We will then look forward to a Networking Reception from 5.00pm.


The quality of the programme and indeed all our outputs is down to the ambition of all of our members to work for the best outcomes through collaboration. The Housing Forum holds the unique position of bringing expertise across the sector together every day and into one room for our National Conference.


We look forward to the conference, and are grateful for the support of all our sponsors. 


Shelagh Grant

Chief Executive, The Housing Forum


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