The Housing Forum's Call for Action "More Homes, Better Homes" - Launched December 2014

01 December 2014
The Housing Forum's Call for Action "More Homes,  Better Homes" -  Launched December 2014


Britain urgently needs a new strategy to build more homes, invest in the existing housing stock and overcome a capacity and skills deficit that is threatening to create a barrier to increasing supply. But we must ensure that increasing output is not at the detriment of quality. If we are to leave a lasting legacy for future generations, we must innovate to drive the highest standard of design and performance in new and existing homes.


Though housing is clearly high up the political agenda for all three main parties, the desire to create more homes is long on rhetoric and short on detail. We are concerned that there is still not enough political will to take the long-term decisions necessary to tackle the housing crisis. The Government must recognise the scale of the housing deficit and lead a political process for change. This must expand the capacity of local government to play a major role in an ambitious programme of delivery. The Housing Forum also recognises the need for the sector to play its part and it is essential that policy changes underpin and drive close collaboration between the public and private sector to increase output.


The Housing Forum has drawn on the views of over 100 member organisations including  significant housebuilding and contracting firms, major developing houisng associations and leading manufacturing and consultancy practices representing billions of pounds in GDP and set out what they think.


Our call for action would repair the dysfunctional housing market and help ensure future generations will be able to live in their own home. As it is, more and more are facing the prospect of living with their parents as buying or renting a home becomes out of reach. One in four 22 to 30-year-olds depends on their parents for somewhere to live according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies.


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