The Housing Forum's Hackitt Consultation Response

31 July 2019



Thank you to all Housing Forum members and Board members who contributed to The Housing Forum’s response to the Government’s consultation on ‘Building a safer future: proposals for reform of the building safety regulatory system’ and to Trowers and Hamlins for a helpful summary and overview.


We have long recognised that this is an important issue for organisations involved in the design, procurement and construction delivery of projects and welcome Dame Judith's call for change.


The Housing Forum’s consultation accounted for a broad range of views from organisations across the housing supply chain, with perspectives based on years of practical site and industry experience.


There was general agreement on any new regulatory regime applying to buildings of 18m or more, however, an indication of how many buildings this is likely to affect should be available, as this will have resource implications for both the regulator and the wider industry.


In practical terms, we consider this should be phased introduction over 2-5 years with clarity on existing buildings.


Consensus was also found on the need for further clarity on questions raised in the consultation, especially around the roles and responsibilities of each duty holder position. This includes a clearer definition of the liability chain.


However, we have pointed out, missed in the consultation, that procurement needs to be run in a different way.


It appears that we are entering a period of significant regulatory upgrades, with new legislation likely to have a practical impact from the beginning to the end of the housing construction process.