The Housing Forum's International Study Trip to Freiburg with CIH

07 October 2019




From 16-18 October, The Housing Forum will be joining forces with CIH SE for a study trip to Freiburg, Germany.


One of the greenest cities in the world with a record of sustainable housing development, Freiburg is a must-visit destination for those interested in how we develop places and homes to meet the challenges of climate change, affordability, health and wellbeing.


The agenda for the trip is full of insights; from Freiburg’s environmental and urban development policy to a tour of the Rombach NUR HOLZ off-site manufacturing facility.


Attendees will also hear from the following leaders in the local housing sector.


  • Prof. Dr Martin Haag - Freiburg Mayor (Housing & Planning)
  • Dr Rüdiger Engel - Project Leader of the Dietenbach district extension
  • Klaus Siegl - former Project Leader of the Rieselfeld district extension.
  • Frau Dr. Szablewska - Technical Director, Freiburger Stadtbau GmbH


It will be a fantastic opportunity to learn, and International study trips have a reputation for developing strong networks across housing attracting both senior and emerging leaders.


This trip will benefit all delegates with a personal or professional interest in placemaking and sustainability. Furthermore, a feature of the international study trips is the diversity and depth of experience of the participants.


Whilst in Freiburg we will cover:


  • Sustainable development
  • Integrated transport systems
  • Off-site manufacture
  • Self-build
  • Urban design
  • Community engagement


You can follow all the developments on twitter via @thehousingfoum