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The Housing Forum has a reputation for the production of well researched and authoritative reports on aspects of the housing building and regeneration industry. These reports, including "Futureproofing Housing Supply" and "Stopping Building Failures" have led directly to improvements in the housing industry.


We draw directly on the expertise of our member organisations - commercially successful businesses who employ thousands of staff and contribute billions to the economy and who are at the forefront of quality in housing.


Latest Report


"MMC for Affordable Housing Developers - A Housing Forum guide to overcoming challenges and barriers" - September 2019


If there was ever a time and a need to embrace more productive construction methods, that time is now. 


Our new guide argues that modern methods of construction (MMC) are key to increasing the supply of affordable homes in the UK and aims to help public sector organisations navigate the procurement, planning, design and post-build stages of MMC projects.


It includes a detailed section on myth-busting, highlighting common assumptions people make about MMC, such as a lack of quality, difficulty in securing finance, and confusion over contracts.





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Our archive of publications provides useful links to our latest work in various areas.





"Stopping building failures - how a collaborative approach can improve quality and workmanship" - May 2018


A report from The Housing Forum Working Group packed with expert commentary and case studies.


Working Group Co Chairs: Andy Tookey & Nigel Ostime


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"Building Homes Better - The quality challenge" - December 2017 


A report from The Housing Forum Working Group Building Better Homes 


Working Group Chair: Rory Bergin


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"Future proofing housing supply" - February 2017 


A report from The Housing Forum Working Group on New Solutions to Boost Housing Supply.


Working Group Chair and Author: Stephen Teagle


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"Sustainable Leasehold and Long-Term Asset Management" - December 2016 


A Housing Forum Working Group report into how to make existing housing better through sustainable leasehold and long-term asset management.


Working Group Chair and Author: Dick Mortimer


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Altered Estates 2016


"Altered Estates" - May 2016


A response to government proposals to regenerate 100 housing estates, examining how to attract private sector investment with minimum reliance on public subsidy, drawing conclusions on options for renewal, the approach to consultation and design, emphasising the need to work in partnership to achieve success.


A report by member organisations PRP, HTA, Pollard Thomas Edwards and Levitt Bernstein, launched at The Housing Forum's National Conference 2016.


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"Building homes at scale: nine vital ingredients" Report - July 2015

A Housing Forum Working Group Report with nine recommendations for delivering new homes quickly and at scale


Working Group Chair and Author Philip Pamment



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"The future of investment in housing assets: flexibility not prescription" Report - July 2015


A Housing Forum Working Group Report that focused on the fundamental reappraisal of asset management, analysing asset management issues and identifying the obstacles to changing how the sector manages assets


Working Group Chair and Author Jeremy Kape.



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"Superdensity - The Sequel" - June 2015 


More homes at higher densities are needed if we are to meet the increased demand and changing demographics of urban residents.


Housing Forum members and leading architectural practices Pollard Thomas Edwards, Levitt Bernstein, PRP and HTA Design LLP came together in 2007 to publish the first Superdensity report (Recommendations for Living at Superdensity) and many of its recommendations have since become accepted best practice.


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More Homes Through Manufacture


"More Homes Through Manufacture" Report - May 2015 


A Housing Forum Working Group report into how modern methods of construction can deliver more and better quality homes.  


Supported by: The Hyde Group 


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Home Performance Labelling


"The Case for Home Performance Labelling" Final Report - January 2015


The Home Performance Labelling Pilot used 20 house types put forward by builders, housing associations, manufacturers and designers to develop a customer-friendly indicator which can compare space, storage, and energy efficiency.


Principal Parties:  The Housing Forum; HTA Design LLP; BLP insurance (BLP)


Sponsors:  Kingspan; BLP Insurance (BLP); Barratt Developments


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More Homes - Better Homes - The Housing Forum Call for Action - December 2014


"More Homes, Better Homes" - The Housing Forum's Call for Action - February 2015


Written by Ben Derbyshire, Chair, The Housing Forum and Shelagh Grant, Chief Executive, The Housing Forum - "The Call for Action" sets out the three main priorities for More Homes, Better Homes. 


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Making a place for low cost housing


"Making a place for low-cost housing" Report - March 2014  


The place for low cost housing - A Housing Forum enquiry into the provision of homes in mixed communities. 


Author: Mike De-Ath, chair of Housing Forum Working Group & Partner, HTA Design LLP


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The ABC of Housing Growth and Infrastructure - January 2014


"The ABC of Housing Growth and Infrastructure" Report - January 2014


This project has been led by senior practitioners from the housing field who have been concerned at the UK's poor performance in providing sufficient homes for a growing population and the low quality of much of what is built.


Authors:  Barry Munday, BM Architecture; Nicholas Falk, URBED & Shelagh Grant, The Housing Forum 


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Housing for the Information Age

"Housing for the Information Age" - October 2013


This is a report of work by The Housing Forum on the application of information-age digital technologies with the potential to improve the quality and value of housing by harnessing consumer pull. 


Author: The Housing Forum &  HTA Design LLP


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Rationalising Regulations for Growth and Innovation


"Rationalising Regulations for Growth and Innovation" Report - April 2012


The Housing Forum report from the Working Group "Innovation in Construction and Regulation" chaired by Andy von Bradsky, Chairman, PRP. 


Author and Working Group Chair: Andy von Bradsky

Co-Author: Ben Derbyshire


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Everyone Needs a Home - April 2011


"Everyone Needs a Home" - combined report of the Working Groups - April 2011


4 Subsections formed into a combined report